Hey, my names John "duck tape" Potter, I live in Ohio locations Cinci and Athens, I like plant biology and I enjoy skootboarding.
I am 20 at the moment, might have a job in an ecology lab. I am still new to this site. I like the punk rock music. Fun is pretty cool, pretty stoked on the ability to have fun. I like Justnipples collective, Pissdrunks collective, curb-cult collective, MWBC collective, dairymen skate gang and the daises, I guess the midwest ramp locals, support the CIA(skatopia), drink beer but smoke weed not me just smoke fools like you on the basketball court and skatetuffeatmuff. I skate curbs and other things. don't like homophobes. God is pretty cool. I like people who like skateboarding(actual skateboarding).

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Cool channels I recommend:
bobbyhillbomber.tumblr.com grinderman2? slappy-hour?
midwest-mishaps.tumblr.com not midwestmishaps?
and who ever I reblog.